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Sarracenia purpurea by Beth Phillip)
guess only developers will get this. ;-)

With American Independence Day around the corner, and the customary fireworks, here’s a look at the chemistry of gunpowder and its role in pyrotechnic displays: from the quick and dirty graphic I created for the ask from wonderousscience - note that in that graphic, I accidentally swapped the percentages for potassium nitrate and charcoal! This graphic shows the correct percentages.

Keep it Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple

Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog during filming of The Muppet Movie, 1978

Freddie Wilkinson (in sleeping bag) and Mike Libecki try to stay warm on a ledge 1,200 feet above the ground during their ascent of Bertha’s Tower in Antarctica
photo: Cory Richards

always loved bivi photos!

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"The last cavalry charge in the US Army’s history occurred on January 16, 1942. The 26th Cavalry (Philippine Scouts) had been on the Bataan peninsula for a week and a half, and US-Filipino forces were still consolidating their positions and attempting to stabilize the front under continuous Japanese assault. The regiment’s Troop F, under 1st Lt Edwin P. Ramsey, was ordered to occupy the upper west coast village of Morong before the Japanese reached it. The advancing cavalrymen found hundreds of troops of the 65th Brigade entering the village, with more wading the river on the far side of the barrio. Recognizing that the situation could only be reversed by immediate bold action, Lt Ramsey ordered his 27-man lead platoon to charge into the middle of the unsuspecting Japanese. The saber was abolished in 1934; charges were conducted with .45cal pistols, and troopers were also armed with .30cal M1 Garand rifles. Ramsey led the galloping horses and yelling troopers headlong into the small village, firing at point-blank ranges. Few of the panicked Japanese returned fire and most fled across the river, where many were cut down. Ramsey established a skirmish line to hold them at bay while his two following platoons came up. There were still scattered Japanese in Morong itself; Ramsey led a few men through the village to pick off these stragglers while Japanese fire intensified from across the river. Troops of the 1st Regular Philippine Division soon arrived and the position was secured. Lt Ramsey escaped the Bataan surrender and formed the East-Central Luzon Guerrilla Area. He was later presented the Silver Star and Purple Heart for leading the last charge. “
(The last true charge of any cavalry, by an Italian unit against a Soviet position, was also successful strangely enough).

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